jeudi 22 janvier 2009

Today I discovered 2 new blogs

One is  that one from Katjuha Galeeva  the other one is from LN  .
If you don't know discover and enjoy . 

4 commentaires:

Hélène a dit…

Un grand merci pour le lien! Je t'ajoute aussi :-)


SCALA a dit…

Merci Hélène , et encore bravo pour ton travail

sunshinek a dit…

Hello! Aww... I'm very impressed... It's unexpectedly for me. And i really appreciate it, maybe because I watch your creatings about 2.5 years and I think you one of the best artists, which I ever seen. It's a honour for me. Thank you so much... You make me happy!

voyance a dit…

L ook… here I am I have tried out things in the same manner as you described and guess what!!! I have been successful in taking up the challenge and fulfilling the endeavor finally!!! There cannot be anything better than this.
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